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Feature Films
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This is a typical sex exploitation film from the early 1930s - complete with wild parties, sex out of wedlock, lesbianism, etc. A chorus girl's exposure to the "casting couch" also exposes her to syphilis. Exploitation filmmakers hoped to capitalize on the taboo subjects of venereal disease, sex before marriage, lesbianism, etc. while skirting the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 which forbade a film from containing such content. Films like this would tour the United States for...
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Topics: exploitation, melodrama
Prelinger Archives
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favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 28 reviews )
Topics: need keyword, Stag
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by Coronet Instructional Films
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One of the best examples of post-World War II social guidance films, with examples of "good" and "bad" girls, proper and improper dating etiquette, courtesy to parents, and an analysis of what makes some people popular and others not. A scream and a sobering document of postwar conformity. Director: Ted Peshak. Cinematography: Bill Rockar. Writers: Robert Chapin and Patricia Kealy. Editor: George Wilbern. Educational adviser: Dr. Alice Sowers, Director, Family Life Institute...
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Topics: Social guidance, Teenagers, Gender roles
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by Interlude Films
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A group of children, all wearing ape masks, rides their bicycles to the park for a picnic. Along the way, all but one are eliminated for violating basic bike safety rules. This strange film was narrated by Edward Everett Horton. Script and Direction: Dale Jennings. Photography: Max Hutto. Art Direction: Ralph Hulett. With Dick Hutto, Janice Powell, Lucie Hagens, Ralph Hulett, Clyde L. Johnson, Dave Hembree, Colleen Hutto, Charles Hagens, Kevin Lindsay, Dan Whitehead, Don Moody, Diane Chambers,...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 45 reviews )
Topics: Bicycles, Safety: Bicycle, Animals: Apes
German Cinema from Lutz Mommartz
by Lutz Mommartz
eye 126,267
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comment 12
With Renate Meves and Gerd Hübinger. A woman looks during lovemaking to the viewer. "Way to the neighbor" is a ten-minute opus that Lutz Mommartz commented as follows: "A women communicates with the audience." More, in fact, does not happen. The devoted rapture in the face of the actor lets the viewer imagine that this is not a compulsory exercise, but a pleasurable freestyle happening. Lutz Mommartz is the purist among German filmmakers. His scenes focus on the basic...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 12 reviews )
Topics: Lutz Mommartz, German experimental Cinema, Renate Meves, Gerd Hübinger.
Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
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A very superstitious cat tries to catch Buzzy for breakfast but Buzzy outsmarts him. Animation by Graham Place and John Walworth. Story by Carl Meyer and Jack Ward. Scenics by Anton Loeb. Music by Winston Sharples. Produced in 1946.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 21 reviews )
Topics: cartoon, noveltoon, buzzy
A/V Geeks
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comment 34
The rude, clumsy puppet Mr. Bungle shows kids how to behave in the school cafeteria - the assumption being that kids actually want to behave during lunch. This film has a cult following since it appeared on a Pee Wee Herman HBO special. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC .
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 34 reviews )
Topics: social engineering, puppet chaos
Prelinger Archives
by Williams (Clem) Films
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comment 50
Santa Claus rides in a parade and walks kids through a relentless department-store Christmas display. Filmed in Pittsburgh.
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 50 reviews )
Topics: Christmas, Santa Claus, Consumerism
Prelinger Archives
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Promotional film for Westinghouse refrigerator line featuring a system of sticker-like decorations enabling purchasers to style their appliances as they choose. Vague hippie-type flower-power graphics; scenes of mod-dressed middle-class conventional people
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 17 reviews )
Topic: need keyword
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Daiei Motion Picture Company
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Aliens kidnap two children and take them to another planet in an attempt to lure Gamera into fighting the fierce monster, Guiron. - IMDB Description
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 5 reviews )
Topics: Sci-Fi, Gamera, Movie Powder, avi
German Cinema from Lutz Mommartz
by Lutz Mommartz
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comment 5
With the Rockband "The Iceni" and NN Five men in white clothing floating against a black background. And in the split screen above the torso of a man. Below the lower body of the dancing girl from the "dance loop". More complicated is "Up / Down", that recorded alternately in slow motion and normal recording five male dancers and a female dancer. The image is divided horizontal in the middle so that the body of a man can be combined with the one of the girl. Then...
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Topics: Lutz Mommartz, German experimental Cinema
German Cinema from Lutz Mommartz
by Lutz Mommartz
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This is the authorised Version of Anziehen
Topic: lutz Mommartz, German cinema
German Cinema from Lutz Mommartz
by Lutz Mommartz
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I threw the camera in the air and in this way I was able to express my aversion to conventional film show and skip my own limits. (LUTZ MOMMARTZ) "Selfshots" is the visual biography of an unconventional filmmaker. As a director, cinematographer and actor in one person, he points the camera on himself. He plays with her , throws it into the air, hurtling across the meadows, filmed his movements, his face and his hands and demonstrates in this way his adventurous relationship with a...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: Lutz Mommartz, German experimental Cinema